Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Am I an introvert?” and not been sure of the answer? If so, take the Introvert Personality Test to assess to discover if you’re an introvert, extrovert, ambivert, or empath.

For many people, answering the question ‘Am I an introvert’, isn’t straightforward. This is because they have some introverted personality traits and some extroverted personality traits. On the one hand, you might enjoy spending time by yourself at home, but on the other hand, you are talkative on the occasions that you socialise.

Take the Introvert Test to Understand Your Personality

Taking the introvert personality test will help you to understand your personality better. It will also give you insight into the challenges that you face in social interaction.

It is my view that many people with introverted personalities would choose to put themselves out into the world more if their social skills were better. When socialising is stressful or causes anxiety, it is only natural to avoid those situations.

“Does Being Shy Mean I’m an Introvert?”

The word ‘introvert’ can often have negative connotations. This is because it suggests a passive person who doesn’t want to or can’t engage in the public sphere. Sometimes when we say ‘introvert’ we mean a shy person or someone who is lacking in social skills or confidence.

Take the Introvert Test to Improve Your Social Skills

Working to improve one’s social skills has many benefits for introverts who feel that their world is limited due to their introverted personality and deficient social or communication skills. The first step to improvement in these areas is to understand your introverted personality better and the type of situations that you find triggering. The next step is to work to improve your skills in this area.


A note from the creator of the Introvert Personality Test:

I designed the Introverted Personality Test for you as an introvert to learn more about your personality type. You may find your test results indicate the presence of communication blocks that are holding you back from being comfortable in social interaction. Where the life-limiting blocks are felt, you will feel disconnected, socially anxious or awkward. Until you face these blocks, you will always feel held back in life.

Jade Joddle

Extend Your Learning

The below poem is about how being an introvert is sometimes boring and limiting because it prevents you from fully living. It is also about the tension between desiring a more active social life, and not being able to handle the demands of that on an energetic level.

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