Advanced /p/ Pronunciation and Spelling Rules

In this English pronunciation lesson, you will repeat-after-me advanced examples of the /p/ sound.

You will also learn examples of silent ‘p’, in which no /p/ sound is pronounced.

Silent ‘p’ List of Words

Take extra care to practise and memorise the pronunciation of silent ‘p’ words as these are commonly mispronounced:









Silent ‘p’ words list

Practice Advanced ‘p’ Examples Pronunciation

Now practise your pronunciation with the individual words and example phrases below. Place close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible:

phobia: phobia of spiders

▶︎ A ‘phobia’ (n) is an extreme fear you have of something, such as a spider or snakes.

trophy: he won the trophy

▶︎ A trophy is a prize that is given to the winner of a competition. It is an object such as a cup made from shiny plastic (to appear as if it is gold).

pneumatic: pneumatic drill

▶︎ ‘pneumatic’ (adj) means it contains compressed air.

psychic: psychic perception (ESP)

▶︎ ‘ESP’ (acronym) means ‘Extra Sensory Perception’. This means being able to sense / know things beyond the typical 5 senses.

pterodactyl: terrifying pterodactyl attack

▶︎ A ‘pterodactyl’ is an extinct type of flying dinosaur.

Extend Your Learning

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