What emotional numbness is like and what to do to start feeling again…

Not being able to feel your emotions means living your life for an extended period of time in which you are not able to feel anything with intensity. When emotionally numb, you will not feel sadness or despair strongly. At the same time you will not feel joy or excitement. Numbing one’s emotions tends to happen gradually, and the first time(s) it happens you may not even be aware of it. You will know that something doesn’t feel right, but you may not realise that you are experiencing depression.

The Way Out of Numbing Depression
In the video I share with you what I have learnt about numbing depression. Please bear in mind that I am not a doctor and am merely speaking from my own life experience, without advising you regarding your personal situation.

STEP ONE: Breathing deeply until your hips expand for 5 minutes per day releases blocked emotions. When doing the breathing exercise in the video, be prepared for emotions to come up to the surface. You may experience tears or other other strong bodily sensations; no matter what it is, let it come without fighting or trying to control it. Whatever comes up is not right, wrong, good or bad.

STEP TWO: When emotions come up all you can really do is learn how to sit with them (hard to do, but important). There is nothing to fix, heal or make going away. When emotions come up, cast your eyes down and be present with the feeling in your body. If you find yourself analysing the feeling or making a story out of it, that’s a sign that you have gone up into your head and that you are blocking your feelings again.

People who live up in their heads where they analyse life (that’s me) tend to find it hard to be in touch with their emotions. While we may be expert analysers who can TALK ABOUT how we are feeling all day long, at the same time we may unconsciously avoid or even block feeling them. I got help along the way to begin to release my emotions. I have worked with two teachers in particular whom I recommend to the open-minded among you: check them out if you are ready to unblock and release. Below I give you their website details in the event you too may be interested to work with them (they do Skype appointments).

Work with Taro Spiritual Teacher to release traumas and blocked emotions: CLICK HERE.

Work with Awilda Verdejo voice coach to learn how to really breathe: CLICK HERE.



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