I’m in the Daily Mail newspaper today talking about how changing your voice can help you find love. I know from my experience working with clients in private coaching sessions that changing your voice can change your life. The improved confidence and ability to express oneself that comes as a result of training one’s voice often leads to huge changes in my client’s lives. Among the changes that may come as a result of developing your voice are an increased sense of attractiveness. But what exactly makes an attractive voice? In the list below I analyse the voices of female celebrities and what makes them each attractive in their own way:

Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid has a low pitched voice which gives a sassy and dominant edge to her personality. Her speaking style is loud, expressive and even shouty at times. While her voice has a sexy good-time girl allure, the impression it gives is that she isn’t the settling-down type. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with more traditional gender roles — don’t speak like Gigi!

Cara Delevingne

The standout feature in Cara’s voice is her slight lisp. On attractive younger women lisps can be perceived to enhance one’s girlish femininity. However, past a certain age then lisps on women can seem immature or can weaken one’s sense of authority. For more on her accent, read my full post here.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria’s voice has certainly matured over the years, changing from sharp and brassy to elegant and lady-like. These days Victoria tends to speak on the softer side and pays attention to enunciating her words clearly. The ‘new’ Victoria certainly reflects a more refined and elegant image through her voice, as befits her high-end fashion label. However, Victoria’s new voice is ‘missing something’ and that is the raw sexiness and cheekiness that used to be present in her speaking voice. Perhaps these days Victoria keeps that part of herself private for in the bedroom with her husband David!

Holly Willoughby

Holly’s voice is well-known for being warm, caring and empathetic. Her voice gives her an approachable quality in the sense that you would feel confident approaching her for a conversation. While this kind of friendly voice is good in the sense that people will feel comfortable speaking to you, it’s drawback is that it may be hard for potential admirers to tell if you are interested in them. If you have a voice that is friendly warm like Holly’s, you may give the impression that you aren’t interested in dating or flirting, and you will find your love life going nowhere. While Holly’s voice is attractive in the sense that it has a warm resonance, it is not what I would call sexually attractive. To make one’s voice more sexually attractive, I suggest you take advice from Kylie Jenner.