Sharing ‘Four-Eyes’ Experience With You

This is an English listening practice video based around the subject of my glasses and the journey I have had with them throughout my life. Learn new words and expressions for upper-intermediate students of English. I have worn glasses since I was 11 years old. I thought it was normal to see the world as a blur before I got them. I remember how amazing it was to come back from the opticians, being able to see the bricks of houses while I was sitting in the car, for the first time. I was gobsmacked and amazed to see so clearly. These days I wear glasses and contact lenses.

I like glasses that stand out. I have a pair of very normal glasses that are comfortable but I don’t feel that I look good in them. Heavy glasses give me a headache and make a mark on the bridge of my nose, therefore I prefer not to wear them. That is why the glasses I wear on a daily basis when I am at home have very boring frames.

I like to imagine how it was for people before glasses were invented. No one would have understood how bad their eyesight was and they would have been misunderstood for something that was not their fault. People with poor vision would have been confined to doing just a few activities in the home. People, like myself, who are short-sighted (short-sighted is when you can only see things that are close to you and not things that are far away) , would probably have had to make living sewing clothes. I imagine myself as an old woman in those days forced to earn money for bread sewing clothes – with fat, rough fingers held very close to my face.

If I ever fall asleep with my contact lenses in, my eyes go red and I get an eye infection. Sometimes they will go around to the back of my eye and I will get a very sharp pain.

In my early years, I was embarrassed about my glasses. I didn’t let the boys I went to school with see me in my glasses because I felt embarrassed. This was possible because in my school, boys and girls studied in different classes, even in different buildings. These days I am more than comfortable in my glasses. However, as you will see from my recent videos, I very rarely wear them when I am recording a video.

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