There will be moments in your life where you find that you have the power and energy to make huge changes in your life. When this happens you have the strength to beat your emotional blocks that hold you back from success and fulfilment in life.

When you try to make big changes to your personality and speaking skills you will find that you first fail many times. You try to make a change but it just doesn’t happen.

An example of this from my own life is when I tried to write my first book. I wanted to do this to develop my business and myself. I desperately wanted to write the book but it never happened. I had a huge emotional block that I just couldn’t break.

It took me 3 years to do it. I did manage to write the book one time by forcing it out. The problem with this approach was that I was not happy with the result. It wasn’t a good product and I couldn’t believe in it. Even though I did manage to write a book, I didn’t feel as if I had broken my emotional block.

A couple of other times I tried to write the book but I always gave up and never finished.

When I finally broke my emotional block and wrote my book, something was different. This time I had the mental energy, willpower and strength to do it all at once. The thing I wanted to happen (writing the book) was in alignment with my energy (feeling powerful).

This taught me that you need the right energy and also the right timing to beat your emotional blocks.

First you have the idea that you want to change. It follows that you occasionally have a spike of energy where you try to do something to beat your block. In my case, I would try to write the book. The problem is, when the energy spike is small, you don’t have the power to achieve your goal. You work on your block for one week, then you have no more energy to continue.

You will find that you have a couple of energy spikes before you come to a big, powerful spike where the timing and energy you have is just right for breaking your block.

When you experience the big spike you must do whatever it takes and then concentrate on your goal. Use this moment well. Stop everything in your life that is unnecessary so that you can focus on smashing your block. This is what carries you toward making deep, transformational changes to your personality and life.