Something a bit different: a sci-fi story about what it feels like to be me…

She and the others like her came because they had loved the humans from the beginning. Of course, all who agreed to come were warned about the dangers of the process but nobody could have known that it was going to be much, much harder than anticipated. In particular, they were not aware that they were going to be trapped with the humans.

Every round was the same kind of story only slightly different, as if the reflection in the mirror was a bit off. The things the humans took for granted had to be learned by the star people from close observation and study. It got easier every time around because some of it was remembered from the time before. But it never can naturally; there was always a hidden struggle to get there.

The humans’ language was the hardest thing to learn because the way the words worked was so dishonest. One word could mean many different things, and worst of all, the words did not always match under the face.

The humans did terrible things to the star people; they acted out in brutal and violent ways because they could not understand that the star people had come to show them how to get out of the misery.

The star people could never really belong among the humans even though they tried as hard as they could. The elder star people who were with the humans the longest eventually learned first-class mimicry. That was necessary as it kept them safe during the times that the humans were doing unspeakable things. The younger star people who came much later did not have the experience with humans that was required for them to stay safe during the dangerous times. They were easily discovered because they could not lie.

The younger star people are suffering a lot but not more than the accumulated suffering of the older star people who have been trapped there the longest. So far it has proven difficult to get the humans to want to move out of the misery. This is why even now much longer after it was all expected to be finished, new star people are still going in.

Nobody can say how long it will take but it is hoped for everybody’s sake that a tipping point is going to be reached.