It Looks Like it Might Start to Rain

This is an instructional video about how to make small talk in England. The most important and easiest topic of small talk that the English make is the weather. You may have heard that the English love to talk about it: I can confirm that this is true – practically every conversation that takes place in England will include the weather at some point.

We probably love to talk about the weather in England more than in any other country. In fact, an Irish friend of mine always gets annoyed about how often we talk about it and he’s lived here for seven years.  We talk about it so much that most of us even remember what the weather was like in every month of the previous year and some of us remember the year before as well.

We are never satisfied with the weather in England. This is because, most of the time, the weather in England is very bad and very cold. Even in the summer, however, we find it too hot and complain about that too!

Talking to someone and starting a conversation can be a scary thing to do. This is especially true if you are a student of English. If you find yourself in a situation where you want or need to talk to someone and don’t know what to say, I recommend talking about the weather.  It will be natural and easy for the English person in front of you to make small talk about it. It’s not too personal, it’s not too serious and it gives the English person a chance to moan (complain) and moaning is another thing the English love to do.

In the video I go through some phrases and expressions you can use about the weather in England. In fact, you will probably hear a lot of people use them yourself. Try to remember some of them, as they will be very useful if you come to England.