Are Expensive British Degrees Really Worth it?

This video is an honest British opinion on whether or not people from outside of the UK should chose to study over here in the UK. British universities have a good reputation internationally for being academic institutions of very high quality. Modern day, western style universities are modeled on the British tradition of education and learning from what is known as the ‘enlightenment’ period where England ruled the world in many intellectual pursuits such as science and engineering.


International students today that are studying in a British university hope it will help them get a brilliant job. The truth is that this depends on the type of degree they take and the quality of the university.

Are they trying to rip international students off? (To ‘rip someone off’ means to charge someone too much for something.) International students are charged thousands of pounds more than students from the UK to study at a British university. At my university, the University of Kent, charges between £11,000 and £13,000 a year for tuition- this is £2,000 more than they charge students from the UK. This is a lot of money in England. When universities see foreign students, they see the potential for making a lot of money.

Post-graduate studies are even more expensive. Many universities charge up to £18,000 a year for post-graduate studies! This is far too much in my opinion.

Working in the UK for foreign students is difficult because working visas are very hard to obtain. This is unfair- the government is more than happy to let foreign students pay far too much for their education but won’t allow students who love to learn the UK to stay here and work.