How to Speak English For Introvert Language Learners

As introverts it is easy to miss a lot of opportunities to speak the language you are learning. While we are great at understanding other languages, we are much more hesitant to actually speak the other language. It generally takes a long time to speak the other language well.

One way we can give ourselves more opportunities to speak the foreign language that we are learning is to change our response to a simple question. When someone asks us, for example, ‘Do you speak English?’ Change the way you respond so that every time you say ‘Yes.’

I noticed a pattern in my own experience that whenever I was asked this question I would say, ‘I don’t speak but I understand.’ This answer always shut down the opportunity for talk in the foreign language. From that moment onwards I would be spoken to in English and I would lose my opportunity to speak the other language without even realising.

You should always answer ‘yes’ when you are asked whether you speak the language you are learning. Even if you only know 3 words, you should still stay ‘yes’. It really doesn’t matter how bad you are or whether you are making a lot of mistakes – at least you are trying and your mouth is moving to make sounds in the new language. These kind of awkward, embarrassing conversations are necessary for you to develop as a speaker in the foreign language you are learning, so why not get as much language practice as possible? The more of these situations you face, the faster you will pass through this stage of language acquisition which can be very slow and long for introverts otherwise.