Understand Why Some People are Critical About Accents – Accent Snobs

This video is about accent snobs. A snob is someone who believes that someone’s status in society also implies their human worth. Posh accent snobs look down on people who don’t speak in a posh accent. Being ‘posh’ typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you have studied in a private school. A posh accent is a strong, old fashioned accent that is used very rarely in England today, but is viewed as stereotypically English because of how we are portrayed worldwide in film and television.

Posh accent snobs believe that every other accent other than a posh accent is wrong. This is ridiculous, as they are in the minority. There are possibly hundreds of accents in the UK and to call any of them wrong is foolish, because in the context they are spoken, they are completely right. Also, diversity and local flavour give a richness and breadth to the everyday UK experience.

Their obsession with social class and the social class of their children shows insecurity about themselves and their position in the world. An accent is a sign, to them, that they have reached an upper part of society. This is particularly difficult for them, as middle class and upper class children have more and more frequently resorted to speaking Estuary English and even ‘street’ English to hide their social class. The fear that this will happen will make them separate their children from other children of a different social class to save them from being ‘infected’ by the ‘wrong’ accent.

This is a negative aspect of British culture in my opinion. It is also something I have noticed people who live outside of England show, which I find very strange. Without ever having a fully rounded experience of England, they have already decided what is the ‘proper’ and ‘correct’- that is because their understanding of England is limited, narrow and based on an out-dated stereotype. While it is fine for them to learn an posh accent if they desire, they should avoid being judgemental about other people’s accents.