Listen to Elvish: Love for 100 lifetimes monologue. In this elvish speech, Andreth the elf maiden talks about her love for Faelon and how happy she is to have love for a hundred lifetimes with him.

Text in English

Elbereth Gilthoniel thank you for this beautiful day, It was my fate to catch the forget-me-not. I will not forget Faelon’s expression when I caught the flower and saw his eyes, I knew then it was true, I would have love for a hundred lifetimes. To have even one lifetime with Faelon is a blessing, but to have a hundred lifetimes I feel as if I dwell in Valinor. Faelon is intelligent and kind, honest and strong. He could have the love of all elf-maids but he chose me. I will not break his trust. I will remember this day forever. Thank you Elbereth Gilthoniel.

Text in Sindarin / Elvish Language

Elbereth Gilthoniel len hannon an i arad vain hen, Non i amarth nîn gaded i alfirin. Ú-dhadhrenathon thîr Faelon ir gennin i loth a gennin i chent dîn, Istassen thá te thand, sevathon aen meleth an chost lúguil. Saved eng mîn lúguil na Faelon eliad, ach haved host lúguil felin sui pe darthon vi Balannor. Faelon e hand a vilui, fael a daug. Sevatha aen i veleth o elleth bain ach nin cill. Ú-ragathon i estel dîn. Epholathon i arad hen anuir. Gin hannon Elbereth Gilthoniel.