When you are a shy speaker it means that when you speak a different language, you find yourself suddenly shy and you have uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you choose not to say anything when you have the opportunity to speak the other language. You can be a shy speaker of other languages even if you are not shy in your own language.

Introverts usually have the problem of being shy speakers of other languages, such as English. When you are not speaking your native language and are still learning, you can’t be exact when expressing your thoughts and feelings. This is extremely uncomfortable for introverted people, because they like to be precise with their words. They don’t like for other people to misinterpret their thoughts.

People who have a great sense of humour often also have the problem of being a shy speaker when speaking a different language. They are used to entertaining and charming people in their native language, which makes it difficult for them to speak English because they feel like they have lost all of their personality. It’s hard to be funny when you can’t use your words well in a second language.

Introverts and people who are very funny have something in common when it comes to being shy when speaking other languages – both kinds of people use their words in a very mindful, careful way.

If you find that you are a shy speaker when speaking a foreign language there is a practical exercise you can try. The only way to change the way you feel at the level of personality and to stop feeling shy is to push against your feeling of shyness. Doing the exercise is supposed to feel uncomfortable, otherwise it’s not working for you.

The thing you need to do is that you have to get a lot of speaking practise and the best way to do this when you suffer from shyness is to start speaking to yourself. You begin to talk to yourself and record yourself. When you’re a shy speaker you don’t have enough experience of talking in the other language. You actually need to say the words, or it doesn’t work.

When you start to record yourself you will feel uncomfortable and stupid. This is because you are facing your ego’s fear of speaking in the other language and appearing stupid. It’s actually a good sign that you feel uncomfortable because it’s showing you that you need to face this fear. Importantly, however, this fear doesn’t last forever.

The good news is that after you have been recording yourself for a while, you will start to notice an improvement and this will encourage you to develop it even more. This will ultimately give you the confidence you need to speak in real life situation.

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