Advice for Shy People

There is nothing wrong with your sensitive nature – show more of yourself:

If you are anything like my friend Shy Bear, you may be embarrassed about your shyness. However, being shy isn’t all bad. The most sensitive people tend to experience a little shyness in social interaction. This tender sensitivity that they have is something that should be celebrated because it is rare among people.

Once a shy person has worked to lose their social anxiety and does not feel awkward or stressed in social interaction, they are left with a sweet, lovable sensitivity that people gravitate towards.

You can work towards developing your sweet and lovable nature by being yourself. You don’t need to try to change in any way to become stronger like other people. Allow yourself to have your deep feelings and to express them when you need to. This means that when you are moved by your emotions, you express them freely and may even shed a tear. It is in your nature to be deeply sensitive in this way so never attempt to hide it.

By practising self-acceptance of your sensitive nature you will grow in social confidence and your worries about doing or saying the wrong thing will all fall away.

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