Release your blocked or numbed emotions in a light trance. Watch this video to feel the deep, soulful and sorrowful emotions of whales in the ocean. Listen to this 10 Minute Whale trance, close close your eyes and put the focus of your attention on the sounds within the repeated words and lines of the trance. If any feelings of sadness or grief rise to the surface, let the feelings move through you and release. As you listen, try to identify with the sorrow of the whales so that you can be more in touch with your own deep sorrow, which may tend towards being blocked or repressed if you experience anxiety or emotional numbness.

By focusing your attention on ‘The Whale Trance’ you may go into a very light trance state. When this happens the subconscious is more suggestive, therefore you may more deeply feel or identify with the emotions of the whales.

The whale trance works best if you have your eyes closed and focus your attention on the elongated sounds within the words.