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Accent Course Review

Here’s a review of my accent course by Margaretha in Austria. Margaretha is an intermediate level student of English…

Hi Jade Joddle, your course “Clear Up Your Accent” is absolutely helpful to get a pretty pronunciation and to avoid bad mistakes from the beginning. Even one doesn’t speak properly English in general, or is a low level (like me). In my opinion your course is very good to improve the English competence in general because the materials (videos, scripts and Bonus Lessons) offer a wide range for practice, exercises and even vocabulary training. And the whole amount of perfect and best prepared material is only £150 – a bargain price.

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Jade Joddle’s Funeral

Paying respects to the old Jade Joddle and remembering her with a video tribute…

P.S. For those of you who may be concerned, this video is about a symbolic death. I am very much alive so don’t worry.

Post updated 28/05/2017 — Message of condolence from Jan B.J. in The Netherlands:

Dear survivors of Jade Joddle, This morning before I left my house I make a small donation for getting her health back on track. When I came back at home this evening I saw her funeral ceremony on you tube. I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this! She left us! This is not possible! This is for myself and many many other people a deep deep tragedy. She was so pure and honest. Every time I was happy when she had made a new video! She was a pioneer and took her job more then serious. I will ask you if you be able to buy with this money a few flowers that Jade most loved. Thank you so much for that. Could you also send my the address of the cemetery so that I can visit her grave next time when I’m in London. Dear Jade thank you so much for everything you learn me! Thank you! Thank you! I miss you!!! Rest in peace BJ I wish you all much stength with this enormous loss.