How Not to Be Nervous: Public Speaking

I used to get really nervous in public speaking situations and would freeze forgetting what to say. That doesn’t happen to me anymore; here are my top tips for doing your best when giving a speech.

Thoughts on Accepting Your Friends

When I was growing up I kept bunny rabbits. They were my friends then, and now as an adult most of my friends behave like bunny rabbits. How to handle the unruly and untamed behaviour of one’s rabbit friends!

Can’t Keep Up: Email Overload!

Here’s a message for you if you’ve written an email and were disappointed that did not receive a reply from me…

Dear Fans,

Sorry I have been ignoring most of your emails. I get so many that I don’t know where to begin. I’d like to be able to reply to you all, but it’s just too much for one person. I get disappointed with myself for not keeping up with my emails but if I am being honest with myself, it’s overwhelming that so many of you write asking for my help about your communication issues.

I still want to help where I can, and in the future I will be doing some real life events you can attend in person.

Communication Guidance with Me

If you have a problem related to communication, I am available to give guidance to you via recorded MP3 in response to your question(s). Since communication impacts all areas of our lives, I am open to answering questions that impact on your job or relationships, as long as the main focus of the issue is about a communication difficulty you have. In the sessions I will give you my opinion about your situation and will provide guidance.

Up to 60 mins recorded communication guidance = £60

CLICK HERE to buy a session.

Four Candles Pronunciation

The reason we hear ‘four candles’ and not ‘fork handles’ is because of the glottal ‘k’ in fork and also the dropped ‘h’ in handles.