Why Am I Here?

After 5 and a half years of YouTube — Why am I still making videos? And why did I turn off comments…

Shy and Introverted in Groups

“Shy and introverted in groups or around people I don’t know, but loud and confident with friends.” Responding to one of your questions and giving tips to build social confidence.

Relying on Benefits in The UK – Why?

Answering one of your questions: why do people rely so much on benefits (welfare) in the UK? And does all the relying on benefits have a negative impact on wages.

Note: views expressed are my personal opinions and these are not representative of what a typical English person would say regarding welfare and benefits.

Simple Communication: When to Stop

Simple communication is when you accommodate others by speaking in an easy to understand way. This often happens if you have been speaking to non-native speakers of English on a regular basis for a long time, for example, as a result of living abroad. Although I don’t mention it in the video, it can also happen when native speakers dumb down their language because they have adapted to it through their jobs. In this video I give examples of when it is a good idea to speak in simple communication and when it is best to stop it.