Relying on Benefits in The UK – Why?

Answering one of your questions: why do people rely so much on benefits (welfare) in the UK? And does all the relying on benefits have a negative impact on wages.

Note: views expressed are my personal opinions and these are not representative of what a typical English person would say regarding welfare and benefits.

Simple Communication: When to Stop

Simple communication is when you accommodate others by speaking in an easy to understand way. This often happens if you have been speaking to non-native speakers of English on a regular basis for a long time, for example, as a result of living abroad. Although I don’t mention it in the video, it can also happen when native speakers dumb down their language because they have adapted to it through their jobs. In this video I give examples of when it is a good idea to speak in simple communication and when it is best to stop it.

Keeping Safe: Training Your Awareness

I teach you how to train your awareness with an awareness technique so that you can stay safe. This technique grows your awareness of body language so that you develop a more subtle awareness of people. This is different to merely judging people by surface indicators such as whether the person looks rich, successful or respectable. It can protect you in the sense that you recongise threats early on, and it can also help you recognise secondary psychopaths (low-level psychopaths).

Love That Lasts Forever

Love lasts forever, but not all relationships do…

Something I forgot to mention in this video is that the hard relationship conditions such as the brick wall are no single person’s fault. There is no blame for it being all on the other person’s side. If you are dealing with a brick wall, then the difficulties are felt by both of the people. There are things that neither of them can push through.