Four Candles Pronunciation

The reason we hear ‘four candles’ and not ‘fork handles’ is because of the glottal ‘k’ in fork and also the dropped ‘h’ in handles.

More Than an Accent Course

Here’s a review by Eleni who joined my accent course a couple of months ago. Eleni didn’t need accent training to get a British accent but she did want to improve the tone and expression of her way of speaking.

Eleni’s Review

I grew up in a Greek-speaking home, in New York City, in Queens. Yes, you can understand that my speaking voice could use some refinement.

In the summer of 2016, I joined the Thomson-Reuters chapter of Toastmasters. The speakers there are dedicated, long-term members, and top-notch. Vocal variety is a critical skill to have and we are scored on it at every session. This brought forward a desire I long had but had dismissed. Voice class. I always wanted to do that. I am not an actor nor a singer and have no plans to be on stage. I thought that voice classes were meant only for those professions. My interest was immediately piqued this past February 2017 when I read in “The Daily Mail” an article featuring a speaking skills expert, Jade Joddle. Everything came together.

I contacted her and we had a one-hour session together. Speaking Greek, I grew up in an environment with a language that has a different music than English. I am not a musical person and do not have a good ear for the spoken word. There are things that I would need pointed out to me. When we spoke, Jade told me that I tend to drop my “k’s” at the end of a word. I turned to my Greek dictionary immediately. Our words do not end with “k” sounds. In Greek, we are only allowed to accent the last three syllables of a word. I sometimes stress an “off-syllable” in English.

I enrolled in her accent training class. I have no intention of taking on a British accent. (It would count against as a New Yorker as people would consider me affected.) What I do gain from the class is practice in expression, tone and flow. The pauses, punctuation, the shape of our lips as we speak – all things I once paid no mind to.

My number one takeaway: The more I do the lessons, the more I notice. I am not done with them all. I would say that I am half-way through but I do plan on doing the entire series over again so that I can act on what I have learned.

I am beginning to like the sound of my own voice more.

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I Don’t Like Social Hugging

Do you feel social pressure to hug everyone even if you don’t want to be huggy or don’t like it? Should you hug someone anyway just because everyone else is doing it? Here are my thoughts about social hugging and the question of whether to hug or not to hug in social situations, in particular with people you hardly know.

The Asperger’s Fighting Spirit

Krister Palo’s fighting spirit regarding the challenges of having Asperger’s syndrome. No matter how hard it gets – never give up!

*I agree apart from on the Nuclear issue.