Emotionally gullible people give 100 percent of their trust to their friends or to the people they like. However, this can and often does lead to being let down by the people we open up to and feel hopeful about developing relationships with.

In this video I discuss my coping strategies for dealing with my own emotional gullibility which involve having high standards regarding the people I invite into my life. Something I forgot to mention in the video is that I have also learned to judge people by their actions and not just by what they say. Observing the actions of a person is a much better way to truly know if the person is reliable, honest, open and dependable. If you merely listen to a person saying that they have these values, you may be disappointed when later on their behaviour contradicts the image they have created about themselves.

Note: this video shares my own personal coping strategy for dealing with disappointments and let downs. If you are not emotionally naive, you probably have your own better ways of dealing with these issues. There could also be a better overall solution to the problem of being emotionally gullible, however, this video shares what I have learnt up until this point along the road of life.