Moshi’s botty is quite grotty

I’m sorry to say
Let’s put it this way
He’s no friend of the litter tray.

What a dear little kitty you are!
I’d love to give you a kiss-y
Were it not for the fact
Your bum’s a bit shitty.

You’re a fluffy ball of cotton wool
For sure you’re adorable
You’ve charmed your way into our hearts
Although, to be honest, you smell of farts.

Forgive me if this seems rude
The subject is rather crude
But I really don’t know what to do
About Moshi the kitten’s poo in my shoe.

I bought you a lovely potty
Upon which to sit your botty
But day by day you turn away
And to that clean place say ‘nay!’

Dear Huston we have a problem
With the poopy from your bottom
Pardon me, but I must say—it’s runny!
In no way do I find this funny.
With all these pools of kitten poos
We are not amused!

How do I get through to you?
How instruct you to do your do-do?
You seemed proud you’d hit your target
Too bad it was in fact the bedroom carpet.