Here’s a comparison of my YouTube channel branding to the branding of mmmEnglish. My branding has been in place for 3 years, one year before mmmEnglish even began.

Do you notice anything similar in the facial expressions and triangles in the background??? :p

This is how the YouTube copycats work: they pick little pieces here and there and piece by piece they steal your brand identity as they attempt to take you over. They even go on to make courses about getting ‘clear accents’, because of course, they have no original ideas. They can’t make anything new, only remake what has been made before. Although, I don’t really get what ‘mmm’ has to do with speaking clearly and confidently; it’s a sexual noise. She definitely did not copy the ‘mmm’ part from me, I would never choose that. Never. For her I would have choosen ‘ewwEnglish’.