Master Polite English: Video Course Review

Quick Course Summary: Master Polite English by Dylan Gates is a  2-hour video course about how to be polite in English from a British English perspective. By joining this course you will learn how to soften the directness of your speech in order to be more polite when speaking English. Learning how to improve the politeness of your English will be especially useful to non-native speakers of English who happen to live in Britain.

MASTER POLITE ENGLISHWho Should Take This Course: This course is recommended for learners of British English who would like to learn handy phrases for sounding more sophisticated when speaking English. British English is notoriously indirect and in many circumstances polite phrases hide the real meaning behind the words that are spoken. By taking this course you will learn how to spot polite language as well as improve your understanding of what the British really mean when speaking politely. If you have ever been concerned that you don’t understand the rules of politeness in the English language, this course will explain how and when it is necessary to speak in a polite way.

How Will You Learn?: The first module of Master Polite English teaches the principles of politeness in which you will learn why and how in terms of language the British make their speech polite. The second module of the course looks at specific situations where using polite language is common and often necessary – for example when complaining about a service in a shop. The format of the course is audio with a supporting presentation in which language examples are given. Since you will not see Dylan teaching the course, you need to be able to understand English to conversational level without subtitles in order to join this course.

How To Use This Course: My personal perspective regarding the principles of politeness taught in this course is that such rules are worth being aware of so that a speaker can be more influential with language when the need arises. However, I do not think it is necessary for most people to speak in an overly polite way, unless it suits a person’s personality to do so. If you are not overly concerned about making your English more polite, you will find the real benefit of this course to be in gaining an improved understanding of what the British really mean behind their polite words.

This course is recommended as a supplementary course for you to take out of personal interest or for your enjoyment. I found the course to be interesting and engaging to the point where I watched the two hours of video lessons in a single sitting!

Course Stats:

Course price: $11

Course length: 2 hours of video

Jade Joddle’s Rating: 9/10 (this course delivers exactly what it promises: how to make your English more polite)

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