London Under Bombardment by Greta Briggs. Featuring a selection of photographs of London from the late Victorian Era to the Blitz Period.

The poem personifies the spirit of London who stands indomitable despite the fall of bombs during the Blitz (bombing of London during the Second World War).

I, WHO am known as London, have faced stern times before,
Having fought and ruled and traded for a thousand years and more;
I knew the Roman legions and the harsh-voiced Danish hordes;
I heard the Saxon revels, saw blood on the Norman swords.
But, though I am scarred by battle, my grim defenders vow
Never was I so stately nor so well-beloved as now.
The lights that burn and glitter in the exile’s lonely dream,
The lights of Piccadilly, and those that used to gleam
Down Regent Street and Kingsway may now no longer shine,
But other lights keep burning, and their splendour, too, is mine,
Seen in the work-worn faces and glimpsed in the steadfast eyes
When little homes lie broken and death descends from the skies.
The bombs have shattered my churches, have torn my streets apart,
But they have not bent my spirit and they shall not break my heart.
For my people’s faith and courage are lights of London town
Which still would shine in legends though my last broad bridge were down.

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