My videos are about what I see and experience in my own life. I talk about introversion, shyness and sensitivity because I have struggled with these aspects of my personality since childhood.

While there are plenty of benefits I experience as an introvert, my particular kind of introversion is linked to problems of self-expression. Not being able to express myself fully in speech was always a source of frustration and pain for me.

I do not believe our personalities are fixed. If an area of my life causes me pain then I apply my focus to that area of my life and work to change my behaviour. I have found that learning how to speak in an improvised way in front of a camera means that I am able to become more expressive in my normal life. When I am expressive, I feel at ease. However, if I see myself becoming quiet, reserved or passionless then I realise that I have slipped back into my old habit of hiding my real personality.

When I was younger I was not able to experience the full range of feelings or emotions – I was half a robot. Can you believe that up until around 5 years ago, I didn’t really know what it felt like to be excited! I gradually taught myself how to feel the full range of emotions by learning how to express them through speech.

No doubt hiding my true personality with a guarded, reserved crust served me well in my younger years. However, these days I am bored of being on the defensive and shielding myself in some situations. I choose not to hide who I am anymore. Life is more colourful for me when I am showing my true nature.

Not all introverts are on the same journey as me. The quest for self-expression just isn’t that important to all people, plus, there are introverts out there who prefer to keep their true personalities private, only revealing them to a select few. However, those of you who know what it feels like to feel trapped inside yourself, not being able to show who you are and what you really feel, might want to stick around and watch some more videos. That’s because I’m making videos for you, for me and our kind of introversion.