Communication Strategies for Success

When getting ready for your job interview it is important to avoid having a needy mindset which makes you worry about what will happen if you don’t get the job. When you have a needy mindset you have already decided that whatever happens, even if you don’t like the company, you will accept the job if they offer it to you.

If you approach a job interview with a needy mindset, you will make a weak impression on the interviewer and will lower your value as a candidate. Benjamin the conversation skills expert advises us to change a needy mindset into the mindset of a winner. A winner is someone who does not need in need of anything. They are simply a person attending a meeting. At this stage of the interview process, they haven’t even decided if they want to work for the company in question, since they don’t yet know enough about the job.

Winners and victims also have radically different approaches in the way they perform at job interviews. While victims are passive and do not contribute to the flow of conversation by asking their own questions, winners are people who take control of the interview by asking their own questions where necessary. By being assertive in your job interview like a winner and not like a victim, you make the process of interviewing you a lot easier for the interviewer. This means that you make a strong, confident impression; for the first time that day the interviewer doesn’t have to think about what question they have to ask next. In this way the flow of conversation between the candidate and interviewer(s) is much more free-flowing and organic.
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