The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what makes a panic attack is hyperventilation and the often repeated advice of breathing into a paper bag. However, not all panic attacks involve obvious breathing difficulties, which can make them hard to identify. In fact, if you get sneaky panic attacks, you may have been having them for your whole life without even realising.  Watch 10 signs of hard to identify panic attacks in the video below:

A sneaky panic attack is best understood as what happens to you in situations where you are triggered and your fight or flight response kicks in. The trigger can be absolutely anything that activates you to feel the uncomfortable feelings you already hold to be true at a very deep level. For example, if you happen to believe ‘I am not safe’, then you will be easily triggered in any situation you interpret as being ‘unsafe’. It could happen in a crowd of people or it could even happen if a person you didn’t like the look of sat next to you on a bus. If you have a very general trigger such as ‘I am not safe’, it’s much like walking around with a ticking time bomb as you go about your daily life!

The thing to realise about sneaky panic attacks and their bodily symptoms is that these are all tricks your body uses to get you to run away or remove yourself from the triggering situation. Whereas it makes a lot of sense to run if you are actually in physical danger, most of the times you have a sneaky panic attack you are not in any danger. You are much more likely to be feeling uncomfortable or in some way socially ashamed.

When people say that someone else ‘triggered them’ this language is not helpful because you must take personal responsibility for your panic attacks. Whenever you have a panic attack what’s actually happening is that the other person is showing you your own beliefs that you can’t confront. You can blame the other person as much as you like but in reality you are doing this all to yourself. Even if the person in question is an extremely difficult, crazy-making person who triggers you every 5 minutes, the responsibility for what happens in your own body lies with you.

Your sneaky panic attacks are defence mechanisms that your body has developed so that it can make you run away from certain situations (so that you don’t have to feel clawing pains when triggered). The champion’s way of dealing with a body that makes use of sneaky panic attacks to control you is to sit with your feelings and bodily sensations and not run when you are being triggered. If you can make it to the other side of the panic attack without going through your same old pattern of reactions and explosions – then you are a champion. It takes practice but it is possible. Sometimes you manage to pass through the panic attacks, sometimes not, but even so the severity of the panic attacks begins to decrease and you recover from them much more quickly. You may also find that your body stops even bothering to pull some of it’s sneaky moves on you such as ‘energy flooding out of the body’ and ‘being frozen to the spot’ because they no longer work on you.


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