Energy and Introverts

Introverts may sometimes suffer from becoming tired as a result of socialising. This is because introverts find it draining to be in some social situations. You will need to learn how to protect your energy as an introvert so that you do not get tired from socialising.

Why Do Introverts Feel Tired From Socialising?

It’s said that introverts get energy from spending time alone or being in nature. In contrast, an extrovert gets their energy from being around people and being in a busy place. Extroverts don’t feel the need to spend time alone because they are not drained by socialising.

There is another way to interpret this situation. You can explain the reason that introverts get tired from socialising by seeing that they give energy to people when they socialise, whereas extroverts take energy. An introvert will feel tired after talking to an extrovert, while the extrovert will feel more energised.

The extrovert will be the performer in the social situation and the introvert will have to spend their energy listening and concentrating on what the other person is saying. In some situations, it can be hard for introverts to get away from people who drain their energy. They feel trapped or worry that it will be impolite to remove themselves from conversation with someone who is making them feel tired.

If someone leaves you feeling tired when you talk to them, realise that that person has stolen your energy. Extroverts steal energy by demanding your attention.

To protect your energy as an introvert you need to make sure that you get enough time by yourself so that you can recharge. You should also protect yourself from people who drain your energy. If there are people in your life who steal your energy, you don’t need these people in your life. You wouldn’t keep them in your life if they were stealing money from you. See your energy as a currency, and protect it fiercely from other people who try to steal it.

If you want to keep the person in your life, be more careful about how you spend time with them. Try not to spend a long time in their company.

As an introvert, it is possible to be in social situations that leave you feeling fulfilled and energised. Choose to spend more time with people who make you feel good.

You can also make changes in your life so that you have more control of your energy. For example, you could change jobs so that you don’t have to waste so much of your energy at work, where you are forced to be around people everyday.

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