Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Life can be full of painful moments for introverts in social situations. It would be nice to wake up one day completely free of your introverted ways, which probably isn’t going to happen. Here are 10 awkward life moments that I experience as an introvert. Do you experience these too?

Number 1 – A medium-sized gathering. There are too many people for you to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, and not enough people that you can get lost and do your own thing.


Number 2 – When you suddenly find yourself alone with an extrovert and you manage to make even them go silent and awkward because they can’t think of anything to say.

Number 3 – When you want some alone time and someone tries to talk to you.

Number 4 – When you find yourself in a meeting that is going on forever because the people won’t stop talking.

Number 5 – When an extrovert tries to persuade you to come to a party, even though you want to stay home.

Number 6 – When you arrive home for some quiet, relaxed time but the people at home want you to have a party with them.

Number 7 – When someone tells you that you’re working to hard and you should relax more.

Number 8 – When you feel like you have to ask a question in a meeting because everyone else is.

Number 9 – When you have to wait for a class or meeting to begin and you wait outside awkwardly not talking to anyone.

Number 10 – When you find your self alone with someone more introverted than you and you can’t think of anything to say.
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