Do you speak too fast? Here’s how you can slow yourself down…

Being able to speak quickly and clearly while employing a wide vocabulary is a sign of high intelligence. If you fall into this category of fast speakers I do not recommend you work to slow down your rate of speech. This is because fast speech brings with it benefits of increased perceived intelligence and greater social dominance in groups.


Pronunciation Practice: Download Video Transcript


However, speaking fast becomes a problem when a person talks quickly but without making sense. This kind of person creates a scatterbrained impression and seems across as more nervous or highly strung, rather than confident and in control. One of the reasons fast, disjointed speech occurs is because the person is ungrounded.

When a person is ungrounded it means that energetically speaking they are away with the fairies and are not in touch with their bodies. On a practical level it can mean that the ungrounded person is always in a rush, always forgetting things and lives in a messy environment. For many ungrounded people who are used to this feeling, the ungrounded state feels enjoyable or even exciting.

In order to slow down the rate of speech it and to make it more coherent and clear, grounding oneself plays an important role. The video above provides some examples of grounding activities/rituals which if incorporated into one’s daily life, will over time lead the person to a more grounded state of being.