Improve Your English Vocabulary with over 70 Tricky Words: Video Course Review

Quick Course Summary: Improve Your English Vocabulary with over 70 Tricky Words by Criss Ittermann is a 2-hour video course for upper-intermediate to advanced learners of English. By taking this course you will learn imaginative strategies for remembering the most commonly misspelt words in the English language.

Who Should Take This Course: This course is recommended for non-native speakers of English who require a high level of written English for academic or professional purposes. If you currently lack confidence regarding your writing skills in English due to poor spelling ability, this course will teach you effective strategies to remember how to spell words that commonly cause confusion. As a native speaker of English who writes on a daily basis in English but yet still has struggles with spelling, I learned a lot from taking this course.

How Will You Learn: Writing coach Criss Ittermann’s method of teaching how to spell a tricky word is to associate the meaning with an image or popular culture reference, such as a song. Each of the tricky words is written on the presentation screen alongside images or handwritten notes to associate the word with its spelling and meaning(s). The screenshot below shows how the spelling and meaning difference between ‘write/right/right’ is explained:

Tricky Words In English

To give an example, the way we are to remember how to remember the spelling and meaning of the word ‘write’ is to imagine a fountain pen. The bottom of the fountain pen has a ‘w’ shape. This ‘w’ stands for writing. The word ‘write’ is a confusing word for many non-native speakers because it also sounds the same as ‘right/rite’ which have completely different meanings. Criss Ittermann explains the difference between the words and provides imaginative associations to make the correct spellings and use of these words easier to recall when we need to use them in our writing.

Improve Your English Vocabulary with over 70 Tricky Words is a well-structured course which groups words into themes such as tricky action verbs or tricky nouns. Each of the lessons comes complete with an end of lesson test for you to check your knowledge. These tests are short but sufficiently challenging.

While this course is listed at intermediate level, I am of the opinion that the course is too detailed for most learners at this level. It is simply not necessary for most most non-native speakers to know how to spell all of these tricky words. However, if you currently work writing in English or plan to do so one day in the future, this course will be good for you to take since ultimately you will need to know how to spell all the words in the course. If you are currently between intermediate and upper-intermediate level, turning on the video subtitles will aid your understanding of the lessons.

More than any other course I have taken on Udemy, Criss Ittermann is highly active engaging with students on her course. She has even provided bonus videos to answer specific questions related to spelling tricky words.

Course Stats:

Course price: $29

Course length: 2 hours of video

Jade Joddle’s Rating: 10/10 for course structure, concept and teacher input.

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