When I first heard about the video course website Udemy, I thought the concept was a great idea. However, I didn’t think the name of the website was so great, as I had no idea how it should be pronounced. Udewhaat? Here’s how to pronounce it in phonemic transcription…

Udemy = /’juːdəmiː/

Still don’t get it? The ‘U’ has a long sound and holds the stress…


Still don’t get it? The first sound is the same as in ‘YouTube’ (you know, the much bigger and more famous video website)…

Still don’t get it? Hopefully this picture will help… Yew (as in tree) + Demi (as in Moore)


Personally, I think Udemy’s name would sound better if it were pronounced ooh-de-mi /’uːdəmiː/ — As in ‘ooh look at this course I want to buy it now!’

At least, that would be better than eew-de-mi /ˈiːuː/ — As in ‘get your stinking courses away from me!’

Or finally, they could have just spelt the name differently: ‘YOUDEMY’!

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