Practical Vocal Training Exercise to Get a Raspy Voice

Some people are born with sexy voices, while other people must learn how to fake it. By doing this exercise you can enhance the sexiness of your voice by bringing out its throaty vibrations. Do the exercise to temporarily change your voice so that it has a raspy quality to it.

The Frog – to do this exercise make the noise of the frog in your throat. Make the sound in your throat and say ‘ribbit.’ Make sure that you roll the vibrations of the frog noise in your throat. You do this to add texture to your voice. Then sing as a frog: ‘Down by the river bank to banky, two fat frogs and a hanky panky, ah-ah-ah-ah, down by the river where nobody goes, ah!’

Following the exercise allow yourself to speak more slowly and don’t be precise about the endings of your words as this will stop the gravel / rasp in your voice.

The Lamb – to do this exercise make the noise of a lamb (move your hands as you make the sound ‘baa’) using the same area of the throat as the previous exercise. The lamb noise will be more powerful as you must engage the diaphragm to do this noise.

This exercises will strain your voice a little to enable you to get a raspy, sexy voice.