Sometimes it happens that there is a specific pronunciation that you would like to check to make sure that you get it right. For this you can use online dictionaries, which is helpful. However, it is also very useful to hear the word in a complete sentence, which you can’t do using online dictionaries. To hear the word in a complete sentence, you can search for the word in YouGlish. It’s a handy resource to use if you are developing your knowledge of IPA and if you want to hear examples of the word that you are researching in connected speech. To use the YouGlish site, all you have to do is search for the word you are looking in their search bar, and an example of the word as found in a YouTube video will come up. Bear in mind, however, that the pronunciation you hear might not be ‘perfect’ and it could be in any accent. For this reason, it’s good to read the IPA transcription of the word, which you will also find in the YouGlish search results.