INTJ PROBLEMS: they can’t all be solved by using your head. Sometimes analysing and finding the reason for ‘why’ something is happening takes you around in circles and keeps you stuck.


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As an INTJ the way I solve problems is to deeply analyse the situation. Even when I have an emotional or health problem the way I respond to it is by thinking it over to try and find my own solutions. The problem is that this thinking, thinking and thinking gets me absolutely nowhere. In this video I talk about a breathing problem I had which I could not solve by using my head and powers of analysis. I struggled for a year to fix this problem with my mind but after a year I still had the breathing problem and had made no progress towards healing. I was frustrated with myself, still unable to breathe clearly, and was absolutely stuck!

As INTJs stuck in our minds we may completely ignore the fact that we have bodies and emotions too. Although we may not even realise it, we often block or numb our feelings. The way I did/do this personally was/is by not breathing fully (we may numb our feelings in other ways too). As INTJs the reason that we numb our feelings is because our minds are extremely dominant over our bodies – it’s as if we believe that we are bodiless heads floating in glass jars!

INTJs on the whole are not be good at experiencing their emotions. While we may enjoy ‘thinking’ about our emotions, we may be completely out of touch with what we are actually feeling deep inside. This is a problem when it comes to healing deep issues in ourselves. We get stuck because we are not able to feel the emotions below the surface which are the source of our problems. As I have personally found out, once we feel the deeply buried emotions, we may heal from the problems we face. However, as INTJs we may need support and assistance learning how to feel our emotions in the first place because we are so bad at feeling our feelings.


I recommend working with spiritual coach Taro if you are in need of support or assistance in order to deal with a problem in your life. Perhaps you find yourself stuck and are unable to think or analyse your way out of your situation. Taro is available for Skype coaching sessions. For more info about coaching with Taro, take a look at her website and contact her for prices: CLICK HERE.

I highly recommend Taro as she has helped me enormously over the course of a year (not just about my breathing issues). Speaking from experience, her coaching methods actually work whereas endless thinking, thinking and thinking just takes you around in frustrated circles.

Do you have troubles blocking your emotions too? Share and leave your advice for fellow INTJs in the comments below…