How I speak in real life…

My real voice and speaking style is monotone and my face is lacking in expression as I speak. The reason that I do not naturally have an expressive voice or speaking style is due to my having Asperger’s Syndrome. I taught myself how to become more expressive via the process of making videos for this YouTube channel. If you look back at older videos you will see a difference in my expressiveness as the years pass by and I become more experienced.

My real voice and speaking style that you see in the video is how I speak most of the time in my daily life. Only sometimes I will go into ‘acting mode’ in which I become more expressive for a short time, for example when I am telling a story or when I wish to entertain somebody.

Learning how to be more expressive has been an important part of my life’s journey which has had the impact of bringing more feeling into my life overall. However, the expressiveness doesn’t seem to carry over into every waking moment of my life: it is only there when I switch into ‘acting mode’ in order to entertain others or to make an impact.