When I have an attack of anxiety I feel that I can’t take a deep, full and satisfying breath into my lungs. This sensation then becomes an obsession in which I am always aware of my breathing and trying to breathe more deeply into my lungs. Sometimes it is very scary and I worry that the anxiety will never go away again. Here’s what I do to manage my anxiety at home…

(1) Stone Healing: my personal anxiety seems to be related to issues of the solar plexus chakra (feeling comfortable in myself) for which reason I am using the colour yellow in my self-care. I found two yellow stones on the beach which I hold in my hands while dancing around. I also sleep with one of the stones under my pillow.

(2) Yellow foods: I am eating lentils and bananas most days as a therapy for the solar plexus. Forgot to mention in the video but ginger tea is also something I drink.

(3) Steaming: going to the sauna is the most effective way to normalise my breathing, however, I am not able to go there regularly. When my anxiety is bad I breathe over a steaming bowl with lavender oil and (mystery!) herbs in it. I also like to take a long, hot bath with Himalayan salt.

(4) Bears and comforting self-talk: I talk to my bears as if speaking to the frightened part of myself. I say things like ‘I love you. I’m here for you. I’m never going away.’

(5) Grounding in nature: nature is a very good medicine for me. I like to take my shoes off and walk or sit barefoot on the grass. If there are big rocks, I love to lay down on them too.

(6) Affirmations to stay present: when I catch myself fearing the future I say affirmations such as ‘I trust life’ and ‘everything is as it should be.’



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