A look inside the mind of an INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement)…

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The INTJ personality looks at the world by analysing it and breaking it down into patterns. When an INTJ encounters a problem, he or she will apply intuition and reasoning to find a solution. Sometimes this results in breakthrough moments and radical solutions. However, the endless thinking and analysing can also get the INTJ absolutely nowhere.

The thinking self of an INTJ person is dominant to the point that it may completely ignore the body and the emotions. This can cause problems such as neurotic obsessions and numbing the emotions. This video is about my personal experience of having a breathing problem as an INTJ.

Watch Part Two: CLICK HERE


This is Mr. Head:
He thinks he’s my boss
And lives in a jar.
A duty of his
Is to keep me safe,
Keeping a lookout…
For Bogeymen!

Together we reason:
If x equals z
Then therefore thus
C must be half
Of one twenty-three,
And nothing bad will
Ever, ever
Happen to me.

What he does best
Is to manage the ship.
He spies on the boys
To make very sure that they’re
Not slacking off.

But something goes wrong.
“NO, NO!
The lungs’ve sunk down
By thirty percent!
It’s time now for your
Performance review.
Till that’s been done,
I’ll be the one
Who’s breathing for you!”

In-sucking air
Mechanical bellows:
Tight, sharp, and dry.
The airway’s alarm
Rings loud and shrill
Till the so-called Master,
Old Mr. Head, can sort
Everything out.

“Look at that mug!
He ain’t got a clue.
We’ve been breathing
At thirty percent
‘Coz ‘e told us to!”

But Head never listens
To lackeys like these.
He’s the Big Cheese
(So he likes to think)
And he’s the one to call
All the shots.

No matter what
The body knows
The body knows itself:
Each breath breathed
In and out
Birth till death

Birth till death.

Poem by Jade Joddle copyright 2016; edits by Nina Lalumia