Being Present in Conversation

The reason we often fail to have great conversations is that we don’t really listen to each other. Benjamin shows us that the secret to great conversation is in establishing the right flow between being active and passive. To symbolise the flow of great conversation Benjamin shares with us a tai chi exercise in which the breath flows into the body and out again in the shape of a circle.

When we bring with us the stresses and frustrations of the day to a conversation we are not able to give the other person our full awareness. This makes a chaotic conversation in which nobody is listening or interested in the other person. For this reason, the tai chi exercise helps to ground us so that we are fully present in our bodies during conversation. Once we are grounded it is much easier to follow the flow of conversation as it passes around and around between us.

Try this breathing exercise when you need to be calm and collected when speaking, for example when you have a job interview (you can do it out of sight in the bathroom!)

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