Talking to Strangers on Public Transport

According to Your Charisma Coach Marcus Oakey, there is never a perfect time to start a conversation. In city life we miss opportunities to have a connection with new people every day due to fear of saying or doing something wrong.

One of the ways to build confidence is to start more conversations with strangers. As we travel around on public transport in big cities like London, most of us are absorbed in our own introverted world. We don’t pay attention to what is happening around us because we are listening to music or playing with phones. Marcus shows us just how easy it is to begin a short conversation with someone for no reason other than just to experience a social connection with another person.

To try this social experiment for yourself, it’s a good idea to be in a relaxed, open and friendly mood before you begin. You cannot control how people will react to you and there’s a possibility that your attempt to talk to strangers may even be a little awkward. However, as long as you aim to spread positive thoughts and feelings and you don’t stay too long in one interaction, everything should be fine for you too.

Want to know what it’s like to be an extrovert on the London Underground? Try it yourself and see!

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