Englishclass101 is a subscription based, complete learning system that teaches English via dialogues. The English lesson podcast they produce is free of charge for anyone to listen to. However, only free trial members and paying subscribers get access to the lesson notes and interactive study tools that support each lesson. For the needs of most English learners, listening to the podcast alone is not an effective way to learn English: you will need to listen and read the study notes at the same time.

The platform is best understood as a modern, interactive version of a learning English textbook, except all the audio files and written text is organised neatly via an app for convenient self-study.

Why Join Englishclass101?

If you are serious about making progress with your English, you need to follow a programme of study. While I would love to say that you can learn English easily by watching the odd video English lesson here and there about random topics, unfortunately my experience tells me that you don’t make much progress that way. What you need is an organised system for learning that has everything you need in one place.

When you join Englishclass101 you get access to English lessons at your level which you access either online or via their extremely handy app. Each lesson includes a dialogue of a real life situation, lesson-specific vocabulary and a grammar lesson. Listening along and reading the study notes at the same time is how you will learn best. The app also includes an extended vocabulary section where you can read extra example sentences (much more useful than it sounds!).

Englishclass101’s method of teaching English via dialogues is an effective way to learn English because you learn the language you need one specific situation at a time. Learning this way means that even at beginner level, you quickly learn new phrases that you can immediately use in your daily life.

How To Use Englishclass101

As a subscriber to the Turkish version, I find the lesson notes and extended vocabulary section (only available to paying subscribers) to be the most useful learning tools of all. I rarely listen to the podcast that comes with each lesson because the talk about culture that each lesson includes is not interesting to me. Instead, I use the app on my mobile phone to listen only to the lesson dialogue (no chatting). I then read though the lesson notes, making my own additional notes in an exercise book for each new grammar point that I learn. Overall, I find it a highly effective way to teach myself Turkish. However, like anything in life, your results really depend on the amount of effort you put in.

Who Should Join and Why?

Englishclass101 is for you if you have the motivation to learn English by yourself. They describe their system as the ‘most fun way to learn English’ – however, I would have to disagree! The free lesson podcasts don’t have much personality. However, if like me you don’t care so much about entertainment, and just want to learn in an organised and systematic way that really works, then there is a lot to like about Englishclass101. Give the app 20 minutes of your focused attention each day, and fast results are guaranteed for your English.

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