Hopefully this will be the last post I have to make about English with Lucy, Lucy Earl, English teacher. However, this will be the last post only IF she stops copying me. There are other teachers and ‘accent specialists’ I could add to this post for being copycats but for the time being it will focus on Lucy as she is the most systematic, well-executed and scheming copycat. This post will be updated every time Lucy copies the titles of one of my videos. I’m sticking only to her copying my titles as I don’t actually want to watch her videos to find out how she has copied me other ways regarding the actual content.

Is it a problem for someone to copy your titles on YouTube? I say yes. The reason for this is that there are 10’s of thousands of potential English lesson videos out there one could make. There are so many topics that haven’t been made. If you have a creative consciousness (as opposed to a copying consciousness), it’s easy to make something new and to put totally new information out there on the internet. But even if you don’t have a creative consciousness, what you make should be completely original in that it should teach the topic from a completely new angle. Lucy doesn’t even do this.

English with Lucy even openly admits to being a copycat. You can watch her admit it HERE. Also bear in mind that this interview was published approximately a week after I confronted Lucy via email about her copying of me. I suppose she thought she was being sneaky and clever in this video when she admits to spying on her competition (ME!). And she must have thought nobody would realise she’s a fraud when she said her secret to success is copying but making it better. –Although if you ask me, she doesn’t make it better, only more FAKE and sexy-time. Side note: the interviewer hit the nail on the head when she said most new YouTubers start making videos because they want to make lots of money or get famous. Ahem! Lucy!

Here’s a list of titles Lucy Earl has copied directly from me. It also includes very close retitles as this is a way to get featured next to my videos in the search results and to harvest my subscribers. I’m beginning this list from summer 2016 as that’s when my beef with Lucy began behind the scenes:

  1. ’10 English Words You Pronounce Incorrectly’ (with a thumbnail that says ’10 English Words You Pronounce WRONG). My original video ‘3 Words Americans Say Wrong’ published in January 2013 and one of my most highly viewed videos of all time.
  2. ‘English Pronunciation Training – Imitation Technique’. This video is a very poorly executed rip off of my own accent course. Lucy’s video and announcement that she is in the process of making an accent course was published one month after I launched my accent course – coincidence, not!
  3. Lucy is very keen on using words to the effect of ‘Speak Like a Native’ in her titles. This is based on my most successful YouTube video ever Sound like a native speaker: the BEST pronunciation advice.
  4. Lucy also decided to jump on to the accent video bandwagon and loves to make any kind of video that occupies exactly the same niche as me. E.g. ‘How to Learn British Accents’
  5. And finally, Lucy’s featured video on her channel is not a copy of me but it is one of her scheming. covert attacks. It’s a long, quite boring interview with a voice coach. This is Lucy’s passive aggressive way of platforming an expert in my genre, above me. Don’t you think it’s odd that the featured video on her channel is Lucy being informed by some voice coach — must be groundbreaking stuff; more important than her own English lesson content, at least!


I’m ready to move on from my YouTube war with Lucy. I’m doing this by repositioning my own content into being more authentic and different to anything else in the genre. If Lucy makes any changes in her brand towards my own new direction of being real and not always nice and smiley — you know where she got that idea from first! Time will tell if she’s going to be a next level copycat!

Finally, I’ll end with a song: