How Empathetic Are You?

Test One

Test your Empathy Quotient CLICK HERE.

My score: 22/80 which according to the results is in the range of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Test Two

Take the Empathy Quiz CLICK HERE.

In this test I got an average score which if I remember rightly was 52/100.


Empathy Tests – My Thoughts

According to the questions in these tests, it would seem to me that empathic behaviours have a lot to do with approval seeking, people pleasing and needing to follow the herd.

For example consider the statement: ‘I try to look at everybody’s side in a disagreement before I make a decision.’ For me, I am able to ‘see’ how and why people form their opinions, but this does not mean that I make adjustments to my own position due to what others happen to think. I generally tend to think that the herd in general is wrong about the things it thinks and believes and I will let people know this. Speaking the truth is much more important to me than tiptoeing around the feelings of others.

The results page of the second test additionally provide advice for developing one’s empathy. Personally, I don’t find it desirable to increase my capacity for the kind of surface empathy that exists in the human population. To change to become more empathetic in these ways would require me to be fake and to act.