Modern Dating Culture in England

This video is about British customs and culture on the topic of Valentine’s Day, and how it relates to dating and money. This is a complicated subject because opinions are different and things are changing all the time.

In the past, men usually paid for everything. This is a hangover from the days when women didn’t work and were housewives and men were the breadwinners (the were responsible for making money for the family): because of this, it became a matter of honour, pride and a symbol of manliness for a man to be able to pay for everything towards women. He would take her shopping, go to the cinema with her, and take her to restaurants, always paying.

Today, things have changed. Women are independent and free from the sexist restraints of the old times. They work and earn money and therefore are able to pay for things themselves. It then becomes a matter of pride for them to be able to pay for things as well as a symbol of independence and freedom.

So, these days, men and women tend to pay an equal amount. Maybe they split the bill. Maybe the man will pay for something now and the woman for something later. Either way, when it comes to money, men and women expect each other to be fair and equal when dating. Sometimes it matters whether one person has more money than the other at the time of going out.

Even though things are more equal now, it is still usual for the man to offer to pay for the bill at a restaurant after a date. The woman will often start bargaining now, asking, “ Are you sure, can I offer you some money?” The outcome depends on the people saying this, but to split the bill and for the man to pay are both acceptable outcomes. If the man pays for the bill, the next time you go on a date or if you go for a drink afterwards, the woman will pay for things. This way, it works out as more equal. This is the custom in Britain these days among the younger generations.