Perdita Lawton’s tips and tricks to speak with a perfect London accent that will convince anyone that you’re a cockney…

(1) In the cockney accent the letter /h/ at the beginning of words such as dropped. ‘Hard’ becomes ‘ard’.

(2) Cockneys also change the sound of words ending in -er such as ‘butter’. The final syllable in in the word is replaced with a schwa sound and no /r/ consonant is pronounced.

(3) Letter /t/ in the middle of words such as ‘butter’ is replaced with a glottal stop. This sound is like a pause that is made in the glottis.

(4) Speaking in a miserable tone and complaining about life being hard can also help you develop your cockney character.

(5) Keep a loose and wide mouth as you experiment with the accent.

(6) Try exaggerated body language if you want to be a diamond cockney geezer!

Cockney phrases to try:
stick it in a bit of butter
happy go lucky
diamond geezer

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