I work with introverts on Skype and via email correspondence.

I can work with you to achieve the following:

  • Learning self-expression (the key to enjoying life to the full)
  • Developing healthy boundaries (to stop your life-force being sucked away)
  • Smashing communication blocks (for overcoming shyness and the fear of being judged)

Depending on your specific blocks, our appointments together may cover any of the following areas:

  • Energy management training
  • Boundary setting and enforcement
  • Techniques to expand your social self
  • Chakra balancing (for developing self-expression and openness)
  • Coping with ‘Introvert Meltdowns’ (sudden drops in energy levels)
  • Lifestyle and career advice
  • Social assertiveness training

Fees depend on how many sessions are required. Enter your details in the box on the right to join my email mailing list where I provide information about fees and scheduling appointments.

Jade Joddle coaching
Jade Joddle coaching
Jade Joddle coaching