American Accent Tour

Accents of the USA

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak as characters with American accents…

New York Bronx Accent – to sound like you’re from the Bronx say ‘coffee’ as many times as possible while eating a bagel.

Standard American Accent (East Coast) – try saying, ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger and fries’ or ‘I love cheeseburger and fries’. **Calm down we’re only joking. 😉

Jade’s Lisping American Nerd Accent- don’t […]

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How to End a Converstion

Conversation Skills Strategy for Social Confidence

Conversation skills advice often focuses on what we can do to keep conversations going. However, we should not always seek to prolong a conversation as social interaction will always need to end at some point. By leaving the conversation at the right moment, before the energy falls, we are able to leave the meeting feeling confident and energised.

It can happen that when we want to make a polite impression, […]

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How to Do a Scouse Accent

The Liverpool Accent

Perdita lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to do a fast, funny and friendly accent as if you were a real Scouser…

(1) High pitched – the Liverpool accent tends to have a high pitch.

(2) High question intonation – the ends of sentences tend to raise in intonation as if a question is being asked. This quality of the scouse accent encourages conversation and gives a friendly impression.

(3) Wet […]

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How to Remember Names Every Time

Conversation Skills Technique

When you don’t remember a person’s name it gives that person the impression that you are not important to them. In order to develop our network of friends and acquaintances, it is necessary to learn the names of the people we meet or else we cannot deepen relationships.


When meeting a new person shake their hand and make sure to repeat their name two times as you introduce yourself to them. Saying the […]

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Birmingham Accent and Phrases

How to Do a Brummie Accent

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to do a Birmingham accent…

(1) Dreary tone of voice – the energy of the Birmingham accent tends to be monotonous. *Only people actually from Birmingham, such as Perdita, are allowed to say the accent is dreary, however. 😉

(2) Positioned at the front of the mouth – place the accent on the tip of your tongue just behind […]

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How to Start a Conversation Anywhere

Conversation Skills Advice

How to start a conversation wherever you are in the world with conversation skills coach Benjamin.

Not knowing what to say in conversation means that many people hold back from beginning conversations with new people because they are afraid creating awkward silence in conversation.

Benjamin the conversation coach teaches us a simple conversation skills technique for beginning a conversation anywhere and with any person. All you need to do to avoid awkward silences in […]

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How to Speak Confidently

3 Tips to Project Confidence

According to conversation skills expert Benjamin, confidence is a state of being. For us to be able to access a confident state, we need to make sure that we have all the basics in place. This means that we should make an effort with our appearance and wear clothes in which we feel confident.

To be confident in conversation we should also seek to hold a positive mindset in our interactions. […]

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The Basics of Body Language

Body language plays an important part in conversation – get it right with conversation coach Benjamin’s advice.

The Handshake

When meeting someone you don’t know very well or when two men are meeting Benjamin advises shaking hands. A good handshake is firm and doesn’t have too many wiggles.

Body Posture in Interaction

We also need to pay attention to the angle of our bodies while we are communicating with others. The best body posture […]

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Extroverted Conversations

Talking to Strangers on Public Transport

According to Your Charisma Coach Marcus Oakey, there is never a perfect time to start a conversation. In city life we miss opportunities to have a connection with new people every day due to fear of saying or doing something wrong.

One of the ways to build confidence is to start more conversations with strangers. As we travel around on public transport in big cities like London, most of us are […]

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Make yourself an Extrovert – Is It Possible?

How to Stop Being an Introvert

NLP holds that introversion is a no more than a learned pattern of behaviours that are not set in stone. In the eyes of NLP practitioners such as Richard Grannon The Spartan Life Coach, you can change the focus of your inner awareness to become extroverted.

Where introversion is accompanied by social anxiety, shyness or Avoidant Personality Disorder, life experience as an introvert is felt to be life-limiting. People experiencing […]

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Voice Training for Depth and Power

Get a Grounded, Richly Resonant Voice

To set free your inner voice try this voice training exercise from the Method School of Acting, which would have been practised by actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino. The idea of this exercise is to develop a voice that is deeply grounded in the body, carrying with it a deep, powerful resonance. A grounded voice voice is rich and deep – that’s very different to a voice that resonates in the […]

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How To Be Popular

Communication Advice for Popularity

The magic way to be super popular is rooted in simple psychology. As Richard explains, most people come at life from a taker frame. This means that in every interaction they are looking for what they can personally get out of it. When we switch our own behaviour to a giving mode and approach social interaction in a way where we seek to give rather than take, this makes us a […]

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How To Get A Charismatic Voice

Show your Passion with your Voice

To be dynamic and charismatic people we need voices that show that we are engaged with life and that we communicate our desires to people. This means that we have energy and also a full range of expression in the voice. Benjamin’s dynamic voice training exercise shows you how you can bring passion to your voice like a Shakespearean actor.

Benjamin recommends using famous lines from Shakespeare because the characters are […]

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How to Make People Happy Using Psychology

NLP Anchoring Techniques

According to NLP practitioners we can consciously work to bring about preferred emotional states such as ‘confidence’ in ourselves and others by using a therapeutic tool called anchoring.

Pavlov’s psychological experiments showed that dogs respond physically to external sensory triggers in their environment. In this way an action (bell ringing) and behaviour (salivating) become a pattern of behaviour in the dog. Basic psychology tells us that people react in much the same way to […]

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Secret to Great Conversation

Being Present in Conversation

The reason we often fail to have great conversations is that we don’t really listen to each other. Benjamin shows us that the secret to great conversation is in establishing the right flow between being active and passive. To symbolise the flow of great conversation Benjamin shares with us a tai chi exercise in which the breath flows into the body and out again in the shape of a circle.

When we […]

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