Empathy and Caring

Sympathy, Empathy, and Caring (Part Three of Three): False Empathy and Authentic Caring

Guest Post by Nina LaLumia

In a previous post, Jade criticised a video on the topic of empathy by Brené Brown. In the third and final part of this series, I aim to make clear in my own terms what’s helpful, and what’s misleading and even false, about what Brené Brown says.

In relation to ‘sympathy,’ the word ‘empathy’ is fairly new. […]

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The Social Function of Emotions

Sympathy, Empathy, and Caring (Part Two of Three): Understanding Emotions from an Evolutionary Perspective

Guest Post by Nina LaLumia


“Justice is that which benefits your friends and harms your enemies.”

Polemarchus in Plato’s Republic


Chimpanzees and bonobos are human beings’ closest living relatives, since we all share a common ancestor—some kind of ape that lived five or six million years ago. By looking at how chimpanzees live, we […]

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Hume’s Theory of Sympathy

Sympathy, Empathy, and Caring (Part 1 of 3): A Proper Understanding of Sympathy

Guest Post by Nina LaLumia

This is the first in a series of three posts following up on Jade’s post about false empathy. I’m aiming to make clear in my own way what’s sick about false empathy. I also propose a healthy alternative: what I call “lively sympathy.” The ultimate goal is to shed light on what it is that […]

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The Beautiful and Painful Longing For Connection

Language is painfully isolating at times. Here is a video about the beautiful and painful longing for connection through language.

For more short films from National Geographic CLICK HERE.

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How to Develop A Powerful Speaking Presence

Guest Post by Ian Luebbers – learn how to build a powerful presence so that when you speak, people listen.

Introverts sometimes get called out for being quiet and still. We speak only when necessary. We focus only on what’s really important. We despise fluff.

Guest who else shares these qualities?

Kings. CEO’s. Leaders. All powerful people possess these qualities in abundance.

So why don’t all introverts appear to posses a deep stillness? It turns out, it […]

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The Language of EastEnders

Guest post by Nina Lalumia

This is a celebration of the rich language of EastEnders, the long-running BBC drama that takes places in the fictional working-class neighbourhood of Walford in London. Before starting out, I do want to say a little bit about the other reasons I love the show. It presents a diverse range of characters: white and black, Christian and Muslim, gay and straight. But none of them are placed artificially to serve a […]

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Interview with Dan From Improve Your Social Skills

Introducing you to Dan from Improve Your Social Skills. Dan is a social skills coach for people overcoming social awkwardness.


Jade: You describe yourself as being the ‘most socially awkward kid’ you could meet when you were growing up. Is this the same thing as being shy? If not, how are shyness and social anxiety different in your opinion?

I think there’s a difference between shyness […]

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Introversion and Spirituality

Guest post by Nina Lalumia

A friend of mine recently said that the perfect example of an introspective introvert is the hermit who withdraws from society into solitude. I want to explain here why I think this is mistaken…

What’s a Hermit?

When I think of hermits, I think of religious or spiritual hermits: for example, a nun or a monk, or a dervish or a certain type of rabbi. In particular, I think of the […]

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Dealing with Emotional Overwhelm: Radical Acceptance

(1) Introverts may experience overwhelm

Some introverts are highly sensitive persons. They may be sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, or large crowds. They may also be empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of other people around them. Their sensitivity may lead introverts to experience overwhelm, and then it may lead them to isolate themselves or seek solitude in some way. In other words, it may lead them to seek the comfort of The […]

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Introverted Versus Introspective

Guest Post by Nina Lalumia

The Etymology of ‘Introvert’ and ‘Introspective’

Based on its Latin roots, ‘introverted’ means turned to the inside. Lots of words have the same roots in different combinations. ‘INTRO-duce’ means to lead in; and ‘re-VERT’ means to turn back. Similarly, based on its roots, ‘introspective’ means looking inward (compare to ‘retro-SPECTIVE,’ which means looking backward). So, based on their roots, ‘introverted’ and ‘introspective’ seem to mean pretty much […]

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What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Meeting Dan from The Aspie World to talk about how Asperger’s affects communication…

Asperger’s/autism is a communication disorder which affects social communication. For people with Asperger’s, communicating may feel confusing or challenging as it is at times difficult for them to express their thoughts in words.


Download Video Transcript


More From Dan

Dan’s YouTube: The Aspie World

Dan’s Facebook: The Aspie World



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How To Avoid Awkward Silence

What to do in that awkward moment when your mind goes blank and you can’t think of anything to say…

Not knowing what to say in conversation means that many people hold back from beginning conversations with new people because they are afraid creating awkward silence in conversation.

Benjamin the conversation coach teaches us a simple conversation skills technique for beginning a conversation anywhere and with any person. All you need to do to avoid awkward […]

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Introverts: 5 Reasons We’re Like Cats

Are you an introvert and cat lover? Well, that’s no surprise! Find out 5 reasons introverts are just like cats. *Guest vlog by Michaela Chung from Introvert Spring.

Sign One – Choosy Love
Cats are selective with whom they show some love. When a cat is your friend, you know that you’re special to them.

Sign Two – Simple needs
It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy. All they need is food, affection […]

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How to do a “British Accent” – Accent Tour

Accents of the UK

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak in a variety of British accents from the UK…

Yorkshire accent – the lyrical sound of the Yorkshire accent requires a tight mouth.

Welsh accent from The Valleys – make sure that when you try the Welsh accent you have a ‘sing-song’ tone of voice.

Sommerset accent – say ‘combine harvester’ while keeping your pronunciation soft.

Essex accent – the Essex […]

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Job Interview Communication

Communication Strategies for Success

When getting ready for your job interview it is important to avoid having a needy mindset which makes you worry about what will happen if you don’t get the job. When you have a needy mindset you have already decided that whatever happens, even if you don’t like the company, you will accept the job if they offer it to you.

If you approach a job interview with a needy mindset, you […]

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