Renting in London: What to Expect

What’s it like to live in London? Here’s what you can expect renting from a private landlord on a low salary…


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How Expensive is London?

How much does it cost to eat a simple lunch in an average place in London? Find out in the video below…


What NOT to do in London: CLICK HERE.

London and money: CLICK HERE.



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How to Pronounce Places in London – The Cockney Way

How to say names of places in London in a Cockney / Estuary English accent.


(1) Ends in -ham

(2) Ends in -den / -don

(3) Ends in -ton
Stoke Newington

(4) th fronting
South London
North London
Bethnal Green

(5) Dark /l/
Forest Hill
Russell Square
Crystal Palace
BUT NOT: London Bridge, Leyton or Turnpike Lane

(6) Glottals either /t/ /p/ or /k/

(7) H-dropping
Hackney Wick
High […]

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Why Do Brits Have Bad Teeth? The Real Reason…

We all know British people have bad teeth, but why???

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Cara Delevingne: What Accent Does She Have?

Cara Delevingne’s accent is the modern Sloane accent – the accent of upper class Londoners from Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia. It’s a specific way of speaking which blends features of Heightened R.P. (an extremely posh accent) with the influence of lower class pronunciations specific to London. The result is an accent that is both exclusive and edgy at the same time. The blend of ‘high’ and ‘low’ pronunciations may be one of the contributing […]

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Things People Shout On The Jeremy Kyle Show…

Introducing you to Jeremy Kyle English!

Jeremy Kyle English refers to the non-standard varieties of British English that you hear on the Jeremy Kyle chat show. The people on the show can be quite hard to understand: lucky for you I made a list of the common phrases and expressions you hear people shout!

Things People Say on Jeremy Kyle:
at the end of the day
you’re having a laugh
you’re doing my head in
you’re out of order
to swear […]

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Received Pronunciation and Politics in Britain

In the British political landscape, accent matters! You’ve either got to be posh or mockney to make it…

The way we speak is constantly evolving. As time passes, it is normal to observe a person’s speaking pattern change in terms of accent and vocabulary. In this video I talk about how British politics influences the way people speak English in their daily lives. This video was filmed soon after the relection of the Conservative Party […]

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How to Speak Posh English

Posh Phrases and Vocabulary

Talking English with a posh accent isn’t just about the sounds you use, it’s also about the vocabulary you use. Here are some words you can use in your speech to give the impression of posh English. The words themselves don’t carry a lot of meaning as they are often used as conversational fillers.

Ya or yah – the posh accent way of saying yes
yah no yah – a posh […]

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Why Posh People are Cold

How Emotion is Expressed in Accent

In Britain social class has an impact on how emotion is expressed in speech and communication. Upper class people and working class people do not express emotion in their voices in the same way.

A traditional idea of Britishness is that British people are reserved and distant. There is an expression ‘keeping a stiff upper lip,’ which means keeping calm in an emotional situation and not letting it affect you. […]

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Should I Study at a British University?

Are Expensive British Degrees Really Worth it?

This video is an honest British opinion on whether or not people from outside of the UK should chose to study over here in the UK. British universities have a good reputation internationally for being academic institutions of very high quality. Modern day, western style universities are modeled on the British tradition of education and learning from what is known as the ‘enlightenment’ period where England ruled the […]

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What Not to Do in London

The Worst Things Tourists Do in London

This video is about what not to do in London as a tourist and how to make sure you do not waste your money.

The centre of London is an expensive place and there are a lot of ‘tourist traps’ designed to take advantage of tourists. People are not used to exchange rates and do not know how much things costs in England, so often they will pay too […]

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How to Behave in an English Pub

British Culture Etiquette and Customs in the Pub

This video is about customs and traditions involved in drinking at the pub, a great British institution. Most importantly, this video is about when it is right to pay for the drinks and when it is ok not to.This video is about customs and traditions involved in drinking at the pub, a great British institution. Most importantly, this video is about when it is right to pay […]

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How to Make a Good First Impression

What to Say and Do When you Meet Someone

This video is an English culture lesson about how to make a good first impression. Making a good first impression is important. There are a few rules to follow to make a good impression in England.
The custom for when you meet someone for the first time in England is to shake their hand. In the past, every meeting between friends was started with a handshake. When […]

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How To Be Polite in Britain

Useful Phrases for Being Polite in Britain

This video is about how to be polite in England and a few useful phrases you can use in these circumstances. Politeness is very important to English people, even when they are rude themselves! The important thing is to observe a few basic rules of etiquette that are seen by English people as considerate and polite.

First of all, English people do not just […]

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Valentine’s Day, Money and Dating

Modern Dating Culture in England

This video is about British customs and culture on the topic of Valentine’s Day, and how it relates to dating and money. This is a complicated subject because opinions are different and things are changing all the time.

In the past, men usually paid for everything. This is a hangover from the days when women didn’t work and were housewives and men were the breadwinners (the were responsible […]

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